October 2006

So, I have had these awful cow seat covers over my front seats forever, mostly because I can see them from really far away and find my car in the parking lot 😉  But, they are in really bad shape now, and I don’t want to get rid of them until I have something else to make my car stick out from the crowd.  I asked for new interesting seat covers for Christmas but my friends were saying that there are cooler things to add.  They suggested a couple of pirate flags, but I don’t know if I’m hard-core enough for that.  What else could I do?  Well, I have a lot of bumper stickers-maybe I should start loading my car up with them!


I’ve never thought much in the past about collectible coins, but after my grandfather died, and left us a bunch, I began to get curious.  As a kid, I collected everything!  I collected trolls, cool pencils, pens, erasers, stickers, pencil boxes, the list never ends.    But, as I get older, and I move around, and I have to lug that stuff with me, quite honestly, the fun of collections has worn off.  I just don’t want stuff that just sits around and gathers dust or sits in my attic!  Anyways, the world has too much poverty left for me to spend my money on random junk just to say I have it.  But, grandpa’s old coins can make you money, where as trolls and pencils are pretty useless…ha 🙂

When I think about how much pop culture has impacted society, it’s so weird.  I mean-you can take whole college classes, and become a professor of popular culture studies!  In the 1950’s, art that had pop culture references was just emerging, and it was hard to make the art snobs believe that it was indeed fine art.  Thus emerged the era of Pop Art.  Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t consider popular culture, graphics, movies and commercials artwork.  But, am I supposed to believe that this is a true artwork for my walls?  Disney cars wallpaper?  I can’t do it.