December 2006

So, it’s Christmas day!  I didn’t get the moped I was hoping for (my parents tried, but the one they got for free from a friend just could have cost too much to fix up)  but I did get a new boombox, since mine had burned up in an unfortunate kitchen fire.  And, I got a really cool ephraim shirt that I wanted really bad.  It has a little pirate looking ship with an iceburg  on it and it says “formula for disaster” next to it.  I now have at least 4 things I actually like wearing in the winter.  Hooray.  I also got the equivelant of a half dollar (100 dollar bill that is) in a card from my aunt.  Plus a gift card to Target.  I know what I want!  It’s no fun to buy things that you need, instead of want, but you know, I guess that’s part of growing up!


I can’t wait for Christmas!  I will readily admit-I may be almost 25 (3 weeks and counting) but I still love presents!  I can barely sleep before major holidays.  Dorky it may seem, my family has always made a pretty big deal about holidays, and who doesn’t love dollars in their stocking?  I love the traditions and the surprises and the anticipation!  This year I am hoping for a moped, some cds, a pirate shirt, art supplies, and for enough money to get my brakes fixed. 

So, I go to this group of women that meets once a week and we talk and pray and generally encourage each other and have a marvelous time together.  But, anyways, we took time out on Monday night to write down all the dreams that we have for our lives.  Big and small alike.  Learning a language, hiking, traveling, cooking, dancing, writing, whatever it is we wrote them all down on one side of a piece of paper.  Then we wrote down all the things that we see as stopping us from achieving those dreams on the other side of the paper.  It’s an incredible excersise, and I encourage you to try it with your friends!  It showed so much about us as individuals, and we discussed how we can help each other accomplish these dreams.  Well, I’m not saying I should try to be a destination wedding photographer or anything, but one of my dreams is to travel abroad and take pictures documenting each aspect of the trip.  I’d love to then have a show and attempt to sell these photos when I returned to the states.  One of the main things stopping me from doing this, however, is the fact that I would need a very nice camera to do any sort of justice to all that I see overseas.  I don’t know how I can ever save enough money to go abroad AND buy an incredible camera!!