I’ve never thought much in the past about collectible coins, but after my grandfather died, and left us a bunch, I began to get curious.  As a kid, I collected everything!  I collected trolls, cool pencils, pens, erasers, stickers, pencil boxes, the list never ends.    But, as I get older, and I move around, and I have to lug that stuff with me, quite honestly, the fun of collections has worn off.  I just don’t want stuff that just sits around and gathers dust or sits in my attic!  Anyways, the world has too much poverty left for me to spend my money on random junk just to say I have it.  But, grandpa’s old coins can make you money, where as trolls and pencils are pretty useless…ha 🙂


I have so much stuff.  I feel like I am eternally purging and I can never simplify my life!  I get rid of 10 things from last season’s clothes….only to go out and buy 4 new things.  It never ends!  I got rid of 8 boxes of stuff when I moved, and yet it’s so hard to get rid of things that have sentimental value!  I bought this Spiderman border once, and never used it, but I don’t really want to get rid of it.  I have all these photos, letters, toys, hats, shirts that I might want to someday make into a big quilt…the list goes on!

I don’t want to be a packrat!  Someone help me!   I think I need Clean Sweep to come and talk some sense into my roommate and I!