pirate stuff

So, it’s Christmas day!  I didn’t get the moped I was hoping for (my parents tried, but the one they got for free from a friend just could have cost too much to fix up)  but I did get a new boombox, since mine had burned up in an unfortunate kitchen fire.  And, I got a really cool ephraim shirt that I wanted really bad.  It has a little pirate looking ship with an iceburg  on it and it says “formula for disaster” next to it.  I now have at least 4 things I actually like wearing in the winter.  Hooray.  I also got the equivelant of a half dollar (100 dollar bill that is) in a card from my aunt.  Plus a gift card to Target.  I know what I want!  It’s no fun to buy things that you need, instead of want, but you know, I guess that’s part of growing up!


So, I have had these awful cow seat covers over my front seats forever, mostly because I can see them from really far away and find my car in the parking lot 😉  But, they are in really bad shape now, and I don’t want to get rid of them until I have something else to make my car stick out from the crowd.  I asked for new interesting seat covers for Christmas but my friends were saying that there are cooler things to add.  They suggested a couple of pirate flags, but I don’t know if I’m hard-core enough for that.  What else could I do?  Well, I have a lot of bumper stickers-maybe I should start loading my car up with them!