When I think about how much pop culture has impacted society, it’s so weird.  I mean-you can take whole college classes, and become a professor of popular culture studies!  In the 1950’s, art that had pop culture references was just emerging, and it was hard to make the art snobs believe that it was indeed fine art.  Thus emerged the era of Pop Art.  Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t consider popular culture, graphics, movies and commercials artwork.  But, am I supposed to believe that this is a true artwork for my walls?  Disney cars wallpaper?  I can’t do it.


I have so much stuff.  I feel like I am eternally purging and I can never simplify my life!  I get rid of 10 things from last season’s clothes….only to go out and buy 4 new things.  It never ends!  I got rid of 8 boxes of stuff when I moved, and yet it’s so hard to get rid of things that have sentimental value!  I bought this Spiderman border once, and never used it, but I don’t really want to get rid of it.  I have all these photos, letters, toys, hats, shirts that I might want to someday make into a big quilt…the list goes on!

I don’t want to be a packrat!  Someone help me!   I think I need Clean Sweep to come and talk some sense into my roommate and I!

it’s almost October!  yikes!  You know what great halloween costume I just heard of today? A kid in my class told me last year he bought a costume that made him look like an ostrich jockey.  I’m not even kidding you.  It looked like him riding on an ostriches back, with the legs dangling in front of him.  Remember Swiss Family Robinson??  Man, I loved that movie-I watched it again last week just for kicks, and it is so ridiculously idealistic and marvelous.

So, I have never really loved living in Cincinnati, until more recently.  The fact is, when you live closer to downtown, the river, and see the skyline every night, you start loving it more and more.  I spent my weekend in the glorious parks overlooking the river bends, and wished more young urban people lived near me.  And, then the next day I find out that the nicest condos you have ever seen, called the Ascent Condos are coming to Cincinnati!  They are super high-end, and I can’t wait to hob-knob with people who will live in them 🙂

So, anyways, I guess there is still hope that Cincinnati will overcome the fact that it’s in the midwest, and will rock hard someday!

I went into this giant store called the Party Source (I think that was the name…) the other day, and I could NOT believe how huge it was!! It was just row after row after row of alcohol, wine, beers, whiskey, wine coolers, Corona stuff, party favors, and my personal favorite, Woodchuck ciders! Woodchuck is frightening though because it just tastes like juice to me, and I could drink lots of them really fast. I have to be so conscious about drinking them slowly. mmm. Maybe I should find a healthier love-something like this.

My roommate’s sister is totally obsessed with Happy Bunny Merchandise of all kinds.  She has the t-shirts, the stickers, the posters, and I have to admit, it’s all kind of ridiculous.  I mean, I guess I was obsessed with strange trendy things when I was in junior high as well..remember POGS???  Do you remember in the early nineties when we wore our t-shirts waaaaay too big?  I still can’t wear them, 10 years later, and they are so big you can probably see right through one sleeve and out the other.  What a dumb trend!  I cut all mine up and made a quilt out of them just to save the memories in a useful way.